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Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community by serving as the bridge between a student’s educational and personal life.

On-Campus Housing Applications for Fall 2024 will be available starting October 17. Click “Apply Now” to submit an application.

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Are freshman required to live on campus?

No, although there are definite advantages, including easy access to campus and resources.

How do I apply for housing?

Please use the link below to access the Housing Portal and begin the housing application process.

Housing Application

When should I apply?

On-Campus Housing fills up quickly, so we recommend as soon as possible. Academic year applications open up mid-October for the upcoming year, Spring only applications are available mid-July, and Summer applications are available starting January.

Is a deposit required to fill out an application?

If we still have availability, yes, a deposit and application fee is required. The total amount is $300 ($75 application fee, and a $225 refundable deposit). For qualifying situations, the $225 refundable deposit may be refunded at the end of the License Agreement term. Students with damages, cleaning charges, and/or owing money to the University may have some or all of the deposit forfeited.

How do roommates work?

Our housing application software will allow you to search for and select roommates, or you will be matched with a roommate automatically if that is your preference. If you have friends coming with you, you may create a roommate group on one of the application steps for everyone to join (your friends must also complete an application to join the group). If you do not know anyone when you apply, the application will ask you to complete several lifestyle questions. After you complete the questions, the software will recommend individuals who are compatible with you; you may then message these recommended roommates and then decide if you want to room together. If you do not find or select roommates, our software will pair you with roommates during the room assignment process.

When are room assignments made?

Room assignments are made once the amount of applications we’ve received equals the amount of bed spaces we have available. For academic year applications, room assignments are typically made around late spring/early summer. Room assignments for Spring Only applications are usually made by November, and assignments for summer applications are made in April.

I identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. What are my housing options?

We strive to make On-Campus Housing an inclusive space for all. Students are able to live with a roommate of their gender, indicate a preference for roommates who hold diverse gender identities and/or gender expressions, and create a roommate group for their living space. Students can update their preferred first name, gender identity, and pronouns with the University with Carleen Irvine, Associate Registrar (carleen.irvine@utahtech.edu, 435-652-7745). For additional LGBTQIA+ specific resources and support, contact Caden Butterfield, Coordinator for LGBTQIA+ Students (caden.butterfield@​utahtech.edu, 435-652-7927). Please contact the Housing Office (housing@utahtech.edu, 435-652-7570) for more information.

What are the layouts of the bathrooms like in On-Campus Housing?

Bathroom areas include single-stall toilets and showers with lockable doors in Abby Apartments, Campus View Suites 1, Campus View Suites 2, and Chancellor Apartments. In Nisson Towers, there is a single-stall toilet room with a lockable door and a single-stall shower that is accessible in a shared bathroom space (see more information on bathroom layouts here).

I am a non-US citizen (e.g., undocumented, DACA, TPS, refugee, or international student). May I still live in On-Campus Housing?

Yes! We welcome all students who have been admitted to Utah Tech University to live on-campus, regardless of documentation status. Students are not required to provide a social security number, credit score or co-signer/guarantor as part of the online Housing Application process.

Is there a curfew?


What should I bring?

Rooms come furnished with a bed, mattress, desk, chair and closet/drawer space. Other than the prohibited items listed in the Resident Life Handbook (see Cooking section on page 4, and the Pets and Prohibited Items paragraphs on page 24), bring the items that will help you be comfortable during your stay.

Resident Life Handbook

How does the meal plan work?

Students with meal plans do not have to pay sales tax. The meal plan works as a declining balance, a la carte. If you have a $1,000 meal plan, you are only charged per item as you purchase your food. Each item purchased will be deducted from your total. Meal plan dollars can be used at any food location on campus, including markets and concessions at athletic events. If you have left over money at the end of the school year, it will remain on your card and will be available when you return in the fall. You may set up a meal plan by contacting Dining Services (435-652-7676, dining@utahtech.edu).

Visit Dining Services

Do I have to get a meal plan?

Only students living in Nisson Towers are required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans are optional for all other students in on-campus housing. Purchasing a meal plan is a great way to save time by not having to shop, cook, or clean dishes. Also, students with meal plans do not have to pay sales tax.

Is it safe?

Many hands and resources are at work to create a safe environment on Utah Tech’s campus. Live-in staff participate in “on-duty” rotations and walk around all on-campus housing areas each night. The Utah Tech University Police Department is certified by the state of Utah, and their police officers often patrol the on-campus housing complexes. The Department of University Police provides a daily crime log on their website along with additional public safety information. Utah Tech’s annual security and fire safety reports can be found here. The division of Risk Management and Safety also works closely with on-campus housing in providing training and procedural direction.

Do I need a parking permit?

If you bring a car with you, then yes. There are different types of parking permits. When you purchase your permit, be sure to choose the “Student/Housing” permit, which will allow you to park in both student housing and other campus parking lots. Permits can be purchased on the Parking Management website.

Parking Permit Information

How much does it cost to live on campus?

Prices vary depending on what building and room type you are looking at, as well as the semester. Please visit the link below for more information.

Rent Rates

I am interested in being a Resident Assistant ("RA"). Where can I learn more about the position?

To learn more about the Resident Assistant position, requirements, and how to apply, please go here.

Are off-campus Housing apartments contracted with Utah Tech University?

No, off-campus housing apartments are privately owned and managed.

What's the difference between a shared and private room?

Each apartment or suite has a combination of shared and/or private rooms. A shared room has two beds and means that there are two students (roommates) sharing the bedroom. A private room has one bed and means there is only one student living in that room.


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