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Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are undergraduate student staff members who live in our on-campus housing buildings to ensure a positive and safe experience for our residents. They are essential to upholding our mission to provide an inclusive and safe community that promotes academic success, social development, and a sense of belonging. RAs help create a responsible living environment through their contributions to the Housing and Resident Life Team, which includes other RAs, Area Coordinators, Resident Managers, Front Desk Staff members, Operation Specialists, and the Director of Housing. They help support residents by facilitating programs and experiences within their communities. RAs receive a free private room in exchange for their services.

The RA position is rewarding, demanding, and challenging. Prospective RAs must have the ability to meet deadlines, display initiative, and have a basic knowledge of campus resources. As a student staff member, RAs have the opportunity to work on an incredible team of student leaders, to build their leadership skills, and to serve as an ally and role model for residents at Utah Tech University. The RA position must be a student’s primary out-of-class obligation.

See a little bit of what it’s like to be a Resident Assistant!

We hope that you will apply and join us in creating the safest and most fun living experience for all sudents!


Resident Assistants must:

  • Be enrolled in minimum of 12 credit hours for each semester
  • Maintain a minimum semester and cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Have completed at least one semester at a institution of higher education post-high school (two semesters is preferable)
  • Not have accepted (or are planning to accept) a student leadership position with any of the following organizations: Utah Tech Student Association (UTSA), Peer Coaches, Trail Guides, or Ambassadors.

Important Dates

  • January 11, 2024: Application opens
  • February 9, 2024: Application and requirements completion deadline in order to be guaranteed an interview
  • February 12-13, 2024: Interview invitations extended
  • February 26-27, 2024: Interviews
  • February 28-March 8, 2024: You will be notified via phone call or email about the status of your candidacy
  • August 5-16, 2024: Fall Training and Check-In (mandatory for all RAs)
  • Finals Week Fall 2024: Check-Out (mandatory for all RAs)
  • Friday & Saturday before Spring 2025 Classes: Winter Training (mandatory for all RAs)
  • Finals Week Spring 2025: Check-Out (mandatory for all RAs)


How do I apply?

The Resident Assistant application for the upcoming academic year opens in early-to-mid January. Applicants can access the application by going to housing.utahtech.edu, clicking ‘Apply Now,’ clicking ‘Forms,’ and selecting ‘Resident Assistant Application.’

Applicants will need to submit the application entirely, which includes submission of a resume, typed responses to three short answer questions, and two references (indicated recommenders will be emailed a form to complete).

Applications missing one or multiple components will not be considered.

How do you determine room/building assignments for RAs?

RA assignments are determined by Housing and Resident Life staff members based on the preferences of returning candidates and the qualifications and experience level of new candidates. Each building functions differently. Therefore, RA responsibilities vary slightly depending on the area where they are placed. For example, each RA in Campus View Suites III will oversee about 56 residents. In Campus View Suites I, each RA will oversee about 44 residents.

Where can I go to get help with my application?

For resume help, candidates can visit UT Career Services on the fifth floor of the Holland building. The Housing and Resident Life department strives to make our RA application/interview process as accessible as possible. If you need any accommodations or have questions about accessibility, please contact housing@utahtech.edu.

What does the interview process look like?

Everyone who submits all required application components (and who meet all other qualifications) by the submission deadline will be offered an interview. You and up to 3 other candidates will interview in a 30-minute session. Each session consists of two sections: round-robin interview questions and a “This is Me!” board presentation. Candidates will be provided with further details for the “This is Me!” board presentation and a selection of interview questions ahead of time for preparation.

I plan on studying abroad during fall or spring semester. Can I apply for only one semester?

Unfortunately, no. RAs sign an agreement for the entirety of an academic year.

What is Fall Training like?

RAs often describe training as long, impactful, and full of making memories with new friends and team members. Our training is extensive and will provide you with the necessary tools to carry out the functions of the RA role. Attendance at Fall Training is required by all of our student leaders, so you should plan accordingly when making plans for the summer if you are hired.

How much are RAs paid?

RAs receive a rent-free private room for their services. RAs do not receive an hourly wage on top of their room. RAs average about 12 hours of work per week. Some weeks require more hours, and some weeks require fewer hours. Each hour worked is valued at an average of $13.22.

Core Objectives

Resident Assistants use the following Housing and Resident Life Core Objectives to guide their service to the Housing community. Explore the Core Objectives below.

  1. Responsibility
    1. Expectation: Respect others, yourself, and the property of others.
    2. Skills: Multitasking Effectively, Time Management, Problem Solving, Community Service
  2. Care
    1. Expectation: Be attentive and empathetic of your needs and the needs of other Enact JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion).
    2. Skills: Self-Care, Self-Awareness, Exploring Campus Resources, Communication Skills
  3. Leadership
    1. Create opportunities to lead.
    2. Skills: Decision-Making, Delegation, Motivating Others, Critical Thinking
  4. Involvement
    1. Expectation: Be an active member of campus.
    2. Skills: Group Work, Detail-Oriented, Connection

Position Responsibilities

The Resident Assistant position requires a minimum average of 12 hours per week. Some weeks may require more time and others may require less time. Explore the responsibilities in-detail below.

Administrative Functions

  • Effectively manage time and resources in fulfilling position responsibilities
  • Create and submit Incident Reports as needed
  • Serve regularly as “on duty” staff, usually two evenings per week depending on staffing and need
  • Assist residents with lock-outs while “on-duty” by obtaining and using a master key
  • Facilitate monthly cleaning checks for assigned areas
  • Submit weekly reports on hours worked
  • Obtain approval from the Resident Manager/Resident Life Area Coordinator for time away (overnight) from campus
  • Assist with Check Ins/Outs each semester
  • Establish weekly times of availability for residents’ needs (1.5 hours every week)
  • Assist with “on duty” coverage for extended holiday breaks
  • Complete and submit all paperwork in a prompt and timely manner
  • Perform all position duties, responsibilities, and expectations listed in the position description, RA Agreement, RA Manual, and assigned by Housing & Resident Life staff
  • Other duties as assigned

Role Modeling and Attitude

  • Model and promote responsibility and respect for individual and community rights and standards
  • Encourage students to accept responsibility for conduct pertaining to UT and Housing and Resident Life policies, rules, and regulations
  • Adhere to UT and Housing and Resident Life policies, rules and regulations
  • Prioritize RA responsibilities/expectations over other extracurricular activities, both UT-affiliated and otherwise
  • Maintain an attitude of flexibility, acknowledging that RA responsibilities are dictated by resident/community needs rather than by set hours
  • Maintain a clean living-space to set an example to other students, and have your room/apartment available to show to prospective students if needed
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude toward the RA position and Housing and Resident Life

Community Development and Programming

  • Relate well to a diverse population of individuals and groups
  • Demonstrate high level of self-awareness and sensitivity to others
  • Strive to build rapport and create healthy relationships with all residents, collectively and individually, in the area of assignment
  • Conduct community meetings to disseminate information, foster community, and promote communication
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate quality programs and events
  • Connect with and mentor/guide residents through utilization of the Sociogram Activity
  • Facilitate Roommate Agreement contracts and mediate roommate conflict
  • Create welcoming door decorations prior to check-in for all residents within the community for the fall and spring semesters
  • Complete educational bulletin boards as assigned depending on building

Safety, Well-being, and Emergency Response

  • Respond to urgent and emergency situations rationally, reasonably, resourcefully, and in accordance with the policies and procedures covered during RA Training
  • Address the needs of residents in all housing areas at all times, whether officially “on duty” or not
  • Maintain awareness of residents’ needs through outreach, personal interaction, and casual observation, and provide appropriate assistance, including listening, guiding, directing and referral to other campus resources as needed
  • Hold residents accountable to UT and Housing and Resident Life policies, rules, and regulations by effectively addressing misconduct
  • Maintain standards of confidentiality pertaining to student and staff records, including understanding when information should be shared with supervisors and/or other RAs

Staff Development & Relationships

  • Attend all training sessions, staff meetings, and other meetings as assigned
  • Strive to foster positive working relationships with RAs, RMs, Housing Staff, and University employees and/or departments
  • Communicate regularly with the RM/RLAC in area of assignment
  • Consult with the RM/RLAC concerning extracurricular involvement
  • Maintain a manageable academic and employment workload so as to make academics a priority and allow for quality RA performance


Have questions? Reach out to us!

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