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Living Learning Community (LLC)

What is a Living Learning Community

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is an environment where students with similar interests live together and participate in programs that cater to their academic, social, and personal interests. Through partnerships with academic and student life departments, LLC students have access to activities and support directly related to their academic success and individual aspiration. Students may indicate their preference to live in a LLC during the application process.

Our Communities

Honors LLC

The Honors Living Learning Community is a collaboration between Housing and Resident Life and the Booth Honors Program at Utah tech University. This LLC offers high achieving and highly motivated students the resources to explore, grow, and excel through academic, creative, and personal activities that go beyond classes. Honors students have access to priority registration, a tight-knit honors community, small classes, the “Booth” (exclusive honors space), research opportunities, exclusive scholarship opportunities, and an on-campus living environment dedicated to students in the Booth Honors Program. This LLC provides opportunities for students to stand out and maximize their potential by joining and contributing to an active learning community with similar interests in a shared living environment. The Honors LLC is available for first-year, transfer, and current UT students who meet the criteria required by the Booth Honors Program and is housed in Campus View Suites 1.


The LGBTQIA+ Living Learning Community aims to provide a space for transgender, gender-diverse, gender-nonconforming, gender-queer, non-binary, and allies to live together on-campus. The purpose of the LLC provides living options for students who do not feel comfortable with the existing gender-binary housing options. The goal is to limit micro-aggressions based on gender and sexual identities and to increase resident sense of belonging and safety in On-Campus Housing. A Resident Assistant (RA) wil be assigned to oversee the community and regularly check in with residents to ensure that the space remains supportive and inclusive.

Interested students may opt into the LGBTQIA+ LLC when completing the On-Campus Housing online application. The On-Campus Housing online application typically goes live every October for the upcoming Academic Year.

The LGBTQIA+ LLC can be housed in different single student housing buildings based on interest. Students may indicate their building preference when completing the On-Campus Housing online application. Living unit layouts differ based on building. However, both private and shared room options are available and bathroom areas include single stall toilets and showers with lockable doors in all buildings.

The community will only consist of residents who opt in on their application. Applicants can list their current gender identity/expression, the preferred gender identify/expression for their roommate (if in a shared room), and any other details that would be helpful in making roommate pairings.

During the application process, students can self-select roommates that they would feel comfortable living with. If space is not available in the LGBTQIA+ LLC, Housing Staff will try to place interested students with applicants who indicated that they would be willing to be an “ally” to the LGBTQIA+ LLC.

Student Involvement LLC

The Student Involvement Living Learning Community is focused on student involvement across Utah Tech University’s campus. Students interested in getting involved in a UT club or organization are strongly encouraged to join this LLC. Housing and Resident Life has partnered with the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership to provide students with intentional and exclusive opportunities to develop their leadership skills and involvement interests. Residents in this community are provided with opportunities to get involved in various capacities with UTSA immediately, such as: service opportunities; clubs and organizations; large-scale events; and, athletic events. If UTSA isn’t your niche there are many other possibilities to get involved with student organizations and/or clubs. Students participating in this LLC may attend leadership and career development classes, leadership retreats, and UTSA committees. Involvement in this community can be recorded on a co-curricular transcript that can be used to showcase valuable skills and abilities gained throughout a student’s collegiate career. Students in this LLC will be encouraged to join a student leadership committee or hold a club leadership position on a voluntary basis, as well as attend at least one leadership workshop per semester.

Nursing LLC

The Nursing Living Learning Community will provide both Pre-Nursing, and current Nursing Program students, the opportunity to reside in a common living space with other students who share their passion for the field of Nursing. This unique living arrangement will allow for the formation of convenient study groups, a readily available support network for Nursing students as they navigate the rigors of a competitive Nursing academic program, and the natural development of a peer-mentor relationship between students currently in the Nursing Program and students working toward admission into the Nursing Program. Additionally, professional staff and faculty from the Nursing Program will regularly engage with participants of the Nursing LLC in the comfort of the residence hall to foster further academic and professional development in the field of Nursing outside the classroom. During these engagements, residents of the Nursing LLC can expect staff and faculty to facilitate conversations, such as: ways to effectively foster the peer mentorship experience, professional development opportunities, community service opportunities, career field exploration, preparation for licensure exams, expectations for upcoming courses, and preparation for application to the Nursing Program. Involvement in this community can provide participants with additional opportunities to gain experience and education in the Nursing field that can make their resumes and functional knowledge of the practice of Nursing stand out in the career pursuits.


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