Utah Tech University

Transportation and Parking

Parking and Parking Permits

For those bringing a vehicle to campus, parking permits are required to park in all campus lots, including on-campus student housing. The cost is $50 for a regular parking permit (good at any campus parking lot) and $20 for an economy parking permit (good at limited locations). Parking permits are usually available for purchase beginning July 1, and may be purchased either online (here) or from the Cashier’s Office in the Holland Building. Students may park in any parking lot during the day while attending classes, but at night are restricted to certain parking lots (students will be notified which lots they may use when they receive their “Check-In” information”).

Transportation Options

Students living in on-campus housing do not need a car while living here; several convenient transportation options are available and may be cheaper than bringing a car to campus.

Public Transit System

Utah Tech University students may ride the SunTran for FREE. The SunTran is the City of St. George’s public transit system. Students simply need to show their student card in order to utilize this service. The SunTran is a good option for students to get around town for shopping and/or going to/from part-time jobs. more information about the Suntan and be found here.

Shuttle Services

Students traveling along Interstate 15 (from Las Vegas, Nevada up to Idaho Falls, Idaho) will receive a discounted shuttle rate when they go home over the weekends or breaks. Taking the shuttle may be cheaper than buying a tank of gas. The shuttle pick-up for on-campus housing is conveniently located next to Campus View Suites, Nisson Towers and Shiloh Hall. Check with St. George Shuttle (here) and St. George Express (here) for current discounts and rates.


Students are welcome to bring a bicycle to campus. There are various outside locations where students may chain their bike in between use. Students at Campus View Suites may also pay $25 a semester to utilize a secure indoor bike-storage room.